Special Report: Paying for sex offenders

“In a special report, FOX55 News@9 investigates how much the state is paying for sex offenders. Some sex offenders are housed long after they’re free from prison. That costs [Wisconsin] state almost half a million dollars every year. You’re footing that bill.”

Link to article

One Response to “Special Report: Paying for sex offenders”

  1. humanbeing9876 Says:

    Although the article has vanished, the issue has not. What do most people think happens to those other human beings they so eagerly dispatch to the black hole of the sex offender system? Here in the UK, they need to be supported for the rest of their lives, which is of course very expensive and removes often high-functioning, income taxpaying citizens from the “contributing” side of the ledger to the “receiving” side.

    It’s bizarre that the same folk who oppose immigration because of the immigrants’ supposed load on the welfare state are very keen to add many more in the form of people convicted for possessing the wrong sexual orientation.

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