Pedophilia and the American Future

Modern America emulating the decadence of classical Rome.

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One Response to “Pedophilia and the American Future”

  1. girllover333 Says:

    What a pathetic idiotic article. What this guy calls examples of pedophilia is actually hebephilia which was a common practice in most of history including early America. This newfound moral outrage at men having sex with teen girls is very progressive, not conservative at all. In early America no one would have been outraged at an older man with a teen girl as long as he married her first. The real sin was having sex out of wedlock.

    Secondly homosexuality had nothing to do with the fall of Rome. To the contrary, one of the major factors that contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire was the rise of a new religion, Christianity – which also led to the persecution of homosexuals in Rome as well as its downfall.

    Sadly there is no conspiracy to make pedophilia more acceptable, not by the left or anybody. It’s only rabidly become more and more taboo and condemned by everyone. Age of consent laws have only gone higher, they have never fallen – a fact that completely contradicts those who say pedophilia is somehow becoming more acceptable.

    And I love how these fools refer to Jerry Sandusky as an “American elite” as if he were some sort of emperor. He was a defensive coach for a college football team. Very few people even knew who he was until the scandal broke out. He was very successful and yes he made more money than the average person but he clearly wasn’t untouchable and he had no power in politics. I swear they call anyone who makes more than 100k a year an elitist.

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