Child abuse searches online fall after internet blocking

“There has been a ‘precipitous drop’ in the number of online searches for images of child sex abuse after internet firms took steps to block them, according to new research.”

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2 Responses to “Child abuse searches online fall after internet blocking”

  1. Joey Says:

    “Images of child sex abuse” is the neologism (“new word”) for “child pornography”. These images can range from one extreme — a video of a child being violently raped, or of a child being sexually caressed, or at the other end of the range a “naked” child (which these days can include children that are only partially-clothed — these are included within the definition of “naked”).
    “Images of child sex abuse” or “child pornography” are actually not objectively defined by characteristics of the images themselves, but instead by the state of mind the viewer is assumed to have — if the viewer finds the images sexually exciting, then the images (magically) become “Images of child sex abuse” or “child pornography”.
    The state of mind is what matters. And when laws are based simply on someones “state of mind” (their thoughts), then we have the criminalization of thoughts. The “thought police” of Orwell’s 1984 become real.
    So, be careful what you think! It could land you in prison for the rest of your life!

  2. Jack Summer Says:

    Joey is of course correct. The definition is so ambiguous as to include anything and everything. Anyone using an ounce of rational thought would never put naked pics, consensual sexual caressing, solo masturbation, or any such pictures together with a video of violent rape. Still, most of my fellow nons are incapable of applying even an once of rational though on this topic. I apologize for them.

    As for the article, I suspect it has more to do with the increased use of TOR and easy accessibility to child pornography through that means than because of “blocking” anything. They will say anything to justify their ridiculous witch hunt and pay checks.

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