Election 2015: Labour pledges a radical overhaul of child protection if it wins power

“Party pledges to introduce mandatory reporting of signs of abuse by professionals working with children and compulsory sex education in state schools.”

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One Response to “Election 2015: Labour pledges a radical overhaul of child protection if it wins power”

  1. Joey Says:

    “Child protection” does not mean what it may seem to. When one person decides to “protect” another, the one doing the “protecting” becomes the one who decides what activities involve some form of risk.
    Women have been, for several hundred years in Western culture, “protected” by men, because women were assumed to be somehow “weak” or “innocent”. (Many black men in the southern United States were lynched, because “women could never want to have sex voluntarily with a black man”.)
    Women’s liberation evolved to correct those characterizations of women. But today, due to the “third wave” of radical so-called “women’s liberationists” children are now viewed as being “weak” and “innocent”, thereby needing to be “protected”. The right-wing Christians have joined forces with the third-wave “women’s liberationists” and insisted that any and all sexual activity engaged in by children is a “threat”. So the “evil pedophile” has been created as a label for anyone over 18 engaging is sexual touching with anyone under 18 (and children touching other children are now being included in that same category — and subjected to untested forms of “treatment” to “correct” their “wrong behavior”).
    “Signs of abuse” is a meaningless term. There are no clear set of “symptoms” which meaningfully indicate that a child has been subjected to “sexual abuse”. In fact, if you look at the so-called “symptoms” of child abuse, you see the same list of behaviors that were listed (when masturbation was considered to be a horrible thing) as symptoms of “the evil of masturbation”. This should tell you that there is a problem with the definition of “child abuse”.
    “Compulsory sex education” really means “instructing all children to avoid all sexual behavior”. This is done to further the goals of “child protection”. Bodies are dirty, sex involves bodies, so sex is dirty, and children must be protected from sex. And sex is evil, too. See the writings of the early Christian leaders for details on that subject.

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