How Christianity invented children

“We have forgotten just how deep a cultural revolution Christianity wrought…”

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One Response to “How Christianity invented children”

  1. Girllover Says:

    This is a very European centric view of it. The author does not examine how children were treated in other cultures. For instance it is believed that Native Americans treated their children much better than the Christian Europeans who came over. Native American children were taken care of by the tribe and usually taught by a maternal uncle. In Cherokee tribes the uncle was more like the parent, teaching the children how to hunt and how to fight. Also the uncle was not necessarily related to the child, an uncle would be any male who was from the same clan as the mother.

    Christianity didn’t invent children, it just had a different view of children than the European pagans did. But so did other cultures. It’s just that Christianity has dominated and that’s what we’ve been left with.

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