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Plea to give sex offenders second chance

May 22, 2014

A non-government organization has called for new thinking on dealing with sex offenders, as sending them to prison alone will not curb their evil desires.

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‘Bring children to pee in Hong Kong’: Mainlander starts campaign after public urination clash

April 25, 2014

“An online campaign has been launched to urge mainland Chinese parents to take their children to Hong Kong next week and let them urinate in the streets to familiarise locals with ‘natural functions’.”

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Hongkongers clash with mainland parents after toddler urinates in Mong Kok street

Juvenile sex offenders getting younger, study finds

September 26, 2013

“Sex offences by juveniles have been committed by increasingly youthful individuals in the past four years, with three offences perpetrated by 11-year-olds in the 12 months to March – the first period in which offenders have been so young, a study shows.”

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Hong Kong Six-Year-Old Buried Alive for Two Days by Child Gang

July 4, 2013

“A six-year-old boy was beaten up and buried alive by other children before being rescued by police 48 hours later.”

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Mother denies seeing pedophile sex act

May 14, 2013

“In a video-recorded interview with the police that was played in the High Court yesterday, she said she had seen the touching of sex organs between the two but did not think that was a problem.”

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